Worth the Stop

Grow and multiply your business at the local level!

By helping widen your reach, increase your recognition, and drive more traffic to your location, your success is boosted to even higher levels. Learn More

The small but powerful WORTH THE STOP books were created to do just that. Every page tells thousands of local readers why each local business is so good … and worth the stop. There is room for only 120 local businesses (listing business name, physical address, website, and reason why your business is worth the stop) per book. The first 120 local businesses to purchase just 50 copies of the book at $2/bk ($100 total, including S/H) will be promoted inside the book (two businesses per page).

The book's authors also receive 6,000 copies, resulting in 12,000 books being put to use at the local level.

After the first 120 businesses have purchased 50 copies and submitted the business information they want readers to see, the book will go to press. It takes about 4 weeks to print and all books ship to a single location. The co-authors will coordinate delivery of the books to the local businesses. Get Started